A Culture of Recycling / Recycling Culture?

Wojciech Kalaga, Marzena Kubisz, Jacek Mydla, red.

The purpose of this volume is to address the notion of cultural recycling by assessing its applicability to various modes of cultural and theoretical discourse. The word «recycling» is here used collectively to denote phenomena such as cyclicity, repetition, recurrence, renewal, reuse, reproduction, etc., which seem to be inalienable from basic cultural processes. Part of our purpose in proposing this theme is a desire to trace, confront, interrogate, and theorise the surviving phantoms of newness and paradigms of creativity or dreams of originality, and to consider the need, a necessity perhaps, to overcome or sustain them, and, further, to estimate the possibility of cultural survival if it turns out, as it may, that culture is forever to remain an endless recurrence of the same.


Wojciech Kalaga, Marzena Kubisz, Jacek Mydla, red. A Culture of Recycling / Recycling Culture?, Frankfurt am Main, Wien: Peter Lang, 2011.
Liczba stron: 177
Nr ISBN: 978-3-631-60163-1
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