Political Correctness. Mouth Wide Shut?

Wojciech Kalaga, Jacek Mydla, Katarzyna Ancuta, red.

The book addresses and interrogates discursive and cultural practices that are (or can be seen as) related to the well-established if elusive phenomenon known as Political Correctness or PC. The individual contributors look into PC-related cases within the humanities, literature, and the media. Accordingly, the publication is divided into three sections: Part I, «Revisiting the Issue: History, Theory, Language», examines PC in the contexts of three types of discourse: historical, theoretical and ideological, and linguistic. Part II, «Literary Case Studies», offers examinations of chosen literary works and authors. Part III, «The Media», looks at manifestations of PC-related issues in film and the popular magazine. Altogether the publication shows a variety of approaches to the PC phenomenon. The assumption of the editors is that while PC has indubitably penetrated contemporary culture, it continues to stir controversy. This scholarly debate is a response to what may be described as PC's universal reign.


Wojciech Kalaga, Jacek Mydla, Katarzyna Ancuta, red. Political Correctness. Mouth Wide Shut?, Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien: Peter Lang, 2009.
Liczba stron: 223
Nr ISBN: 978-3-631-59411-7
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