Spoiling the Cannibals' Fun? is not a volume about Captain Cook, unless one thinks the story of his having been eaten in the Polynesian tropics is not so much about the nourishing of the barbarians with a white man's flesh, as one which raises a number of questions relating to, broadly understood, cultural encounters in which some sort of cannibalisation is always at stake. For example, an encounter with the other is inevitably also an encounter of what Penelope Deutscher sees as «the cannibal or 'eating' subject who is always already the other 'in us'», an encounter which questions «the integrity of the subject's boundaries». This volume takes up such various metaphorical senses of cannibalism and cannibalisation, and explores the ways they function within diverse domains and niches of culture (and elsewhere).

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Peopled with diasporas and individuals, the space of exile persistently exists, though it cannot be circumscribed. Papers collected in the volume traverse that space in various directions, shedding some light on its manifold regions, niches, and chasms. Through raising diverse questions of ontology, subjectivity, power, otherness, domination, meaning, etc., the book aims at fulfilling its modest task of foregrounding points of orientation in the space's topography, and perhaps of tracing out paths linking its different areas.

Opublikowano w Publikacje
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