Centrum Badań Kanadyjskich Instytutu Kultur i Literatur Anglojęzycznych serdecznie zaprasza na cykl wykładów i warsztatów przeprowadzonych przez Profesor Frances Leeming i Profesor Kim Sawchuk z Kanady, który odbędzie się w dniach 19 - 23 marca, 2009r. Szczególnie gorąco zapraszamy studentów programu Kultura - Media - Translacja.

Szczyrk, 20-23 maja 2009

Call for papers

Are we here, perhaps, for saying: house,
bridge, fountain, gate, jug, fruit-tree, window –
at most: column, tower [...].

Rainer Maria Rilke, The Ninth Duino Elegy

A thing to notice about the etymology of Latin ab-strahere (from where abstractio originates) is its connection with ab-sentio, close in turn to the idea of ‘departing from sense’.

The main focus of the conference is the reality – the realness – of objects / concretes / particulars; the contribution of those to the maintenance of sense otherwise lost; a vital part objects / concretes / particulars play in the processes of meaning construction. That is not an attempt to enhance crude materialism but rather a way to notice the value of the apparently secondary substratum of sense, whose exclusion does endanger the overall coherence of whatever man wishes to say or produce.

Objects, concretes, particulars in themselves signify a whole spectrum of meanings, eg

  • the physical (and / or material, bodily),
  • the personal (and / or individual, unique),
  • the specific (and / or adequate, precise),

whose distinct nature should be recognised and respected.

* As usual, a ‘work in progress’ session is planned.

the Conference Organizers
Marta Zając
Agnieszka Kliś
Eliene Mąka-Poulain

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