Department of American and Canadian Studies invites all University of Silesia students to register for courses on Canadian drama, theatre and television to be taught in the Spring Semester at by Dr Lindsay Thistle, Department of Canadian Studies, Trent University, Canada. As the language of instruction is English we invite students whose knowledge of this language allows for active participation in classes. The registration period is from January 15th – February 20th 2015, but since there is a limited number of places available for each of the courses (30 persons), to avoid disappointment, do not delay with your decision about this academic opportunity.

The following courses are available for registration:

  1. History as a dramatic subject in Canadian theatre – module consisting of lecture and class (5 ECTS points); Tuesdays at 15:45- 17:15 (lecture), 17:30-19:00 (class) – first meeting: 24.02. 2015, last meeting: 5.05.2015.
  2. Television in Canada - (3 ECTS points); class on Thursdays at: 16:30-18:00; first meeting: 26.02. 2015, last meeting: 7.05.2015.
  3. Introduction to playwriting - workshops (2 ECTS points); 3-hour meetings four times on the following dates: Wednesdays at 18:10-20:25 (25.02. 2015; 11.03.2015; 01.04.2015; 29.04.2015).
  4. Introduction to acting and directing - workshops (2 ECTS points); Wednesdays at 16:30-18:00; first meeting: 25.02. 2015, last meeting: 6.05.2015.

The courses will be offered at the Institute of English Cultures and Literatures, Sosnowiec, Grota Roweckiego 5; room number: TBA

Link to modules in USOSweb:


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