Associate Professor Rafał Borysławski

Assistant Professor

Department of British Culture and Literature

Supervisor of H/Story, a doctoral research group at IECL (

Office Hours

Office hours in the summer examination session:

10 June 2019, 10.30-12.00

19 June 2019, 8.45-10.15

25 June 2019, 10.45-12.15

1 July - 5 July 2019, away at Int. Mediev. Congress

8 July 2019 (to be confirmed)

15 July - 30 Aug., off duty

30 Aug. - 1 Oct. 2019, guest lectureship, Univ. of Alberta, Canada (no office hours in Sept. 2019)

Room: 4.57

E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Personal Website: profile

Titles and Degrees

1996 - M.A. in English Philology (with honours) (M.A. thesis title: Violence in Anglo-Saxon Poetry. Anglo-Saxon Poetry of Violence).
2001 - Ph.D. degree in Literary Studies (Ph.D. thesis title: The Old English Riddles and the Riddle-like Aspects of Old English Poetry).

2014 - D. Litt. (monothematic cycles of articles: Reflections of Old English Existential Paradigms in the Gnomic Poetry of the Period and Medieval Marginalia: Transgression, Sexuality, Monstrosity).

Research Interests

Old English poetry and culture;

Riddle and metaphor theory, Old English and Anglo-Latin riddles;

Old English gnomic poetry;

Neoplatonic thought in early Middle Ages;

Middle English literature and culture;

French Arthurian circle in (Chrétien de Troyes); Marie de France;

Humour, the culture of laughter and the marginal world in the Middle Ages;

Medieval socio-history;

Medieval eroticism and sexuality;

Myth theory and cultural anthropology.

Courses Taught

History of Great Britain (lectures, Year 1)

Literary module: "The Demise of Gods? English and Scandinavian Literature of the Viking Age in Mythographic contexts" (lectures, classes, Year 2)

Literary module: "The Feminine, the Monstrous and the Supernatural in the English Middle Ages" (lectures, classes, Year 2)

British Cultural Studies (classes, Year 1)



Information for possible Ph.D. candidates

I welcome all potential Ph.D. candidates interested in writing their dissertations on broadly understood medieval studies and medievalisms, but I will also welcome theses envisaged at the crossroads of literary studies, cultural studies, history, historiography and mythography. Understandably, my own research interests listed above by no means exhaust the areas of your potential research.

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