Paweł Jędrzejko, Associate Professor

Faculty Professor

Department of American and Canadian Studies


- Chair of the Department of American and Canadian Studies
Er(r)go - Journal of Theory, Literature and Culture - Associate Editor
- RIAS - Review of International American Studies - Associate Editor

Office Hours


Office hours during the Spring semester

• Wednesdays: 11.30–13.00
• Urgent situations: any day by appointment (email/phone).


Office hours during the Summer exam session:

Wed: 14.06; 21.06, 05.07, 12.07 (12.00–14.00 room 3.55 IKILA)

Conferences and Vacation:

The Melville Society Conference: 26 June–3 July 2017

IASA World Congress: 16–26 July 2017 

Vacation: 27 July–15 Sept. 2017.

First consultations in September:

18.09.2017, Monday, 13:00–16:00

Conferences in September and October:

20–23 Sept. 2017 A Suitcase of her Own

11–12 Oct. 2017 Trnava Anglophone Studies Conference

Room: 3.55

E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Own Website: Full résumé and list of publications

Titles and Degrees

 • 2013—D.Litt. in Humanities / Literary Studies,

degree granted by the University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland, on the basis of the global academic output including the uni-thematic cycle of publications dedicated to Herman Melville's oeuvre and thought.

• 2000—Ph.D. in Humanities / Literary Studies,

degree granted by the University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland, on the basis of the dissertation Fascynująca płynność. Doświadczenie lądu i morza a egzystencjalizm Hermana Melville’a [Fascinating Liquidity. Herman Melville’s Existentialism and the Experience of Land and Sea] supervised by Teresa Pyzik, associate professor.

• 1995—M.A. in English

degree granted by Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland, on the basis of the dissertation Text, Style and Equivalence. A Comparative Study of Two Polish Versions of Hamlet, supervised by Alicja Pisarska, full professor.

• 2002—Nominated Teacher

degree granted by the Marshal of the Province of Silesia

Research Interests

General interests
• American literature
• Literary and cultural theory
• Postcolonial studies
• Theory of literary translation

Specific interests

• Herman Melville’s literature and philosophy
• “American Renaissance” in culture and literature
• Literature as philosophy/Philosophy as literature
• Literary and cultural comparative studies
• Poststructural literary and cultural theories
• Translation and axiology

Courses Taught


(see module descriptions -- in Polish)

Winter semester

Full time programs

  • •4AD Diplomatic protocol
  • •5 (M.A. Program): M.A. Seminar (30 h)
  • •5 (M.A. Program): Specialization Seminar (30 h)
  • Spring semester

Full-time programs

  • •2km + 2sw History of American Literature (survey 30h)
    •1nn + 1 ni History of American Literature (survey 30h)
    •4km1+4km2Translation as a Cultural Phenomenon (lecture 30h)
    •5 (M.A. program): M.A. Seminar (30h)
    •5 (M.A. program): Specialization Seminar (30h)



Graduate level

• Americanist literary and cultural studies (M.A. / Ph.D. seminar)
• American work ethics in literature (history of literature for students of business English)
• Herman Melville: towards a philosophy of existence (a specialization seminar)
• Star Wars: the Frontier of Postmodernity (a lecture)
• Methodologies of literary and cultural research (a specialization seminar)
• Translation as a cultural phenomenon (a lecture)
• Elements of translation in teaching Polish as a Foreign Language (a postgraduate seminar

Undergraduate level

• Americanist literary and cultural studies (B.A. seminar)
• American Literary History (a survey lecture)
• Interpretations of American Literature (a conversatorium)
• Introduction to Literary Theory (a specialization seminar)
• Introduction to translation theory (a lecture)
• Literature of the “American Renaissance” (a module conversatorium)

Information for possible Ph.D. candidates

Please, contact me personally to discuss options concerning your project proposal.

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