From November 31 to  December 2 Katowice will host the Silesian Festival of Science. This year our Institute will be represented by two groups: H/Story Research Circle and WICKED SHAPES, a group of  SPRINT-WRITE students. Both groups have prepared presentations which will be open to public on 1 and 2 December in Międzynarodowe Centrum Kongresowe in  Katowice.

Students who want to help organize the annual second-hand book fair meet on Thurdsay, November 23, at 14:50 in room 4.62. Come and join us!

We cordially invite all interested students to take part in the meeting of the H/Story research circle inaugurating its activity in the autumn term of 2017. The meeting will begin with a short lecture by Ms. Marta Gorgula, M.A., entitled "Body Shock: World War I Mutilation and Its Representation in Video Games (BioShock)" and it will be followed by a discussion on pop-cultural takes on history and the ethics of representing mutilation in video games. The event is part of the series entitled "History Goes Pop: Deal with It" and its theme coincides with the remembrance week celebrated in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations.

Time: Nov. 17th 2017, 9.45 a; venue: room 1.49, Sosnowiec, ul. Grota-Roweckiego 5.

Uprzejmie informujemy, że 10 listopada (piątek) sekretariat będzie nieczynny.

Please note that the classes schedule has been modified on 03 November 2017. The current schedule is always displayed on the Schedules page. Please remember to check this page often as the schedule is still subject to change.

We are pleased to announce that Magdalena Bednorz will participate in The First International Workshop in Game Studies “Games & Gender”, which will be held in Vilnius on November 3-4. At the invitation of European Humanities University, she will give a talk discussing adjustment of the courtly love trope in selected examples of female-oriented romantic subplots in video games.

For more information visit the event’s Facebook page.