Department of Postcolonial Studies and Travel Writing


The Department of Postcolonial Studies and Travel Writing focuses primarily on research concerning broadly understood postcolonial theory as well as travel writing, with the view to contributing to the constantly expanding body of analysis and critique regarding the modern discourse on the complex nature of relations between the centre and the peripheries, their historical roots, and their influence on the contemporary cultural, literary and political studies. The scope of conducted research — which also includes texts of popular culture — allows for an in-depth analysis of the relationships between the postcolonial discourse and cultural production, both in the global and local sense.


The faculty members teach courses on a vast array of topics concerning broadly understood culture and literature — including postcolonial literatures in English and travel writing — offering genuine learning based on the research findings of the faculty members (seminars, monographic lectures, as well as various lectures and classes on the culture and literature of English-speaking countries). In addition to that, the faculty members teach various classes on practical English (reading comprehension, conversation, composition, listening comprehension, translation).


  • 2016, Ustroń — a conference A Suitcase of Her Own, focusing on the intersections between feminist theory and postcolonial studies as well as travel writing;
  • 2016/2017 — publication of conference proceedings.


  • postcolonial literatures and travel writing in English
  • colonialsm and postcolonialism (ethnicity, migrancy, exile, diaspora)
  • Orientalism in the Western humanities
  • postcolonialism in translation
  • body studies
  • popular culture
  • postcolonial science fiction
  • food studies
  • corporeal feminism
  • theory and cultural history of curiosity and wonder
  • imaginary geographies and the theory of subcreation
  • material culture studies in the perspective of literary studies

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