An international conference “Indigenous Expressions of Culture in Storytelling, Drama, Theatre and Performance –Traditional and Contemporary Canadian and  Polish Upper Silesian Perspectives” will be taking place in April 26-28, 2017 at the University of  Silesia, Sosnowiec campus.  The first of the intended series of conferences dedicated to the exploration of complex  Indigenous cultures of North America and minor cultures of Eastern/Central Europe is a joint project of Canadian Studies Centre and Department of American and Canadian Studies at the Institute of English Cultures and Literatures,  the University of Silesia interdepartmental Research Group Theatrum,  and the Department of English and Indigenous Affairs Office, University of the Fraser Valley, Canada.

Gender Studies Centre is delighted to invite both students and staff to a discussion with Maciej Duda, PhD, devoted to his most recent book, Dogmat Płci. Polska wojna z gender [The Dogma of Sex. The Polish War with Gender]. The event will be held at 5 PM on Wednesday, April 19th, in Drzwi zwane koniem, ul. Warszawska 37, Katowice. The event is addressed not only to people academically involved in gender studies, but also to everyone interested in the thorny issue of the Polish reception of gender, and the recent debates concerning gender equality and politics. The discussion will be chaired by Anna Chromik, PhD, and Michał Kisiel, MA. The event will be held in Polish exclusively.

NEOlinguists – the PhD candidate association is pleased to announce that the first Humor Research Project seminar will be held on November 30 and December 1, 2017 in Katowice (CINiBA) under the patronage of the Institute of English, the Institute of English Cultures and Literatures,and the Institute of Romance Languages and Translation Studies of the University of Silesia.

We would like to invite you to attend our workshop devoted to language and humor which offers an opportunity to learn different approaches to research methodology. This collaborative research project will cover both linguistic and cultural perspectives, as well as literary and translation studies so as to provide important insights into language for humorous purposes. We want to welcome all PhD candidates and final year MA students who wish to contribute their papers and participate in the discussions directly related to methodologies that can be applied to studying humor through the lens of various paradigms.

The Finals of „Discover Canada 2017” will take place in the Municipal Culture Centre in Żory in April 6th – 7th 2017.

This year’s contest examining committee consists of the representatives of the Department of American and Canadian Studies ( dr. hab. Eugenia Sojka, dr. Sabina Sweta Sen- Podstawska and mgr Rafał Madeja) and the Polish Association for Canadian Studies (dr. Tomasz Soroka from the Institute of American and Polish Diaspora Studies at the Jagiellonian University). The high school teachers from Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Karola Miarki in Żory engaged in the project are: mgr Beata Pasierbek, mgr Beata Kurzeja, mgr Hanna Mrozek oraz mgr Wojciech Oleś.

Informujemy, że obecnym semestrze, w dniach 3 kwietnia do 15 czerwca 2017r., zatrudniona została na stanowisku profesora wizytującego w Instytucie Kultur i Literatur Anglojęzycznych Pani Profesor Barbara Messamore z University of the Fraser Valley w Kanadzie. W ramach specjalności „Amerykanistyka w stosunkach międzykulturowych i dyplomacji” na kierunku filologia angielska będzie prowadziła następujące zajęcia:

  1. Stosunki międzynarodowe (International Relations) - wykład
  2. Stosunki międzynarodowe (International Relations) - ćwiczenia
  3. Moduł ogólnouczelniany z obszaru nauk społecznych – Historia kanadyjskiego i amerykańskiego konstytucjonalizmu (Canadian and American Constitutional History)

Przyjazd Pani ProfessorMessamore jest elementem realizacji polityki umiędzynarodowienia, której częścią jest podpisana umowa bilateralna z University of Fraser Valley.

Fifth Student Research Festival

Saturday, 1 Apr. 2017
We would like to cordially invite all students to the Fifth Student Research Festival which will take place on April 6 (Thursday) in SRW. The programme includes students' papers, good music and the presentation of a videogame designed by Sprint-Write students. Join us and have a good time!!!! 

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