We're pleased to announced that Dr. Julia Szołtysek was invited by the School of History, Classics and Archaeology of Newcastle University (UK) to conduct a guest seminar 'Between 'the me that leaves and the me that returns': Gertrude Bell’s Persian Gateways and Walls'. 5pm, Thursday 18th May, Armstrong Building 2.16, Newcastle University.


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The book investigates relations between the 'East' and 'West' which have been forming and evolving from the Enlightenment until the present times. On the basis of material covering a selection of American, British, and Turkish literature, as well as examples of Western Orientalist painting and musical (operatic) illustrations of analysed issues, the study aims to usher in a deeper and more nuanced understanding of post/colonial phenomena and their broader socio-cultural implications. The work attempts to accentuate the resonances and dissonances between various arts and disciplines, with the view to illuminating the organic nature of both inter- and intra-cultural relationships. The rationale behind such an orientation in research and methodology has not been to arrive at a final eclectic perspective, but rather, to promote a more comprehensive and diverse approach towards the 'Other.'

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Friday, 3 Oct. 2014

Julia Szołtysek

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Although generally resented and deemed unfavourable for individuals, societies and nations, grief, grievance, and grieving, along with a complex list of epithets that could in various situations, under varying circumstances, accompany them – racial grief, political grievance, protracted grieving, chronic grief, traumatic, unresolved grievance – nevertheless occupy a significant place in culture and its manifestations in literature, art, history, science, or politics. Confused experiences of melancholia, grief, nostalgia, shame, anguish, hate, longing, and jealousy continue to permeate cultural productions across historical moments, literary epochs, and political sympathies. It is these veneers that the present volume endeavours to uncover and dismantle, thus – dissolve, or, assuming yet a different approach – assemble into larger entities exhibiting common patterns of formulaic imagining.

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