First individual comprehensive solo exhibition of Bracha L. Ettinger's art organised by Muzeum Śląskie in collaboration with Uniwersytet Śląski w Katowicach. Dr Anna Chromik from the Institute of English Cultures and Literatures is curating this exhibition.

More details available on the Silesian Museum's website and and on the Facebook event page.

Eurydice – Pieta is the first comprehensive solo exhibition of Bracha Lichtenberg Ettinger’s art in Poland.

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The Gender Studies Centre has a pleasure to invite all students and staff to a lecture by Prof. Marta Tomczok co-organised with the Silesian Museum (Muzeum Śląskie). The lecture will be devoted to Izabela Czajka-Stachowicz (b. 1893 in Sosnowiec, d. 1969 in Warsaw) who was a writer, a celebrity and a muse of such artists as Witkacy, Gombrowicz and Iwaszkiewicz.

The lecture will be devoted to the period of Czajka's professional life spent in Katowice, her relationship with Teofil Ociepka's painting, her career in the communist police forces, her poetry and prose. Prof. Tomczok will explore new perspectives in Czajka's autobiographical research, including eco-critical and eco-feminist tropes.

The lecture will take place on June 13, at 17.30 in Muzeum Śląskie. More information is available here:


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Wednesday, 9 Jan. 2013

Anna Chromik

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Disruptive Fluidity explores the textual tropes of liquidity in contemporary reconstructions of modern subjectivity. The key idea that frames the book is the assumption concerning the culture-creating functions of such dichotomies as containment/incontinence, interior/exterior, cleanliness/contamination, and demarcation/boundlessness, and their role in the process of defining the notion of modern subjectivity. These assumptions are based on a conviction that categories traditionally identified with corporeality do not exist in separation from the discourse of subjectivity. What is more, the corporeal metaphors might constitute an inscription and record of its norm-creating practices. Arguing that the subject can be construed as a textual product of the imagery of solid body boundaries, this study comprises a gradually unfolding story of the poetics of the body/self.

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